How Do You Keep Your Startup Going?

basarili-is-kurmakIf you are a start up company and you are worried about keeping your company going, well… that is quite a common concern to be quite honest with you.

A lot of people big dreams, big thoughts about what they want to be and what they want their company to become.

And a lot of people will do just about anything to keep the dream alive. But the truth is there are so many defining factors as to whether a business will become successful or not.

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Inspiring Children to Become the Future’s Innovative Business Leaders

One of the things that I like doing as a business major is inspiring others to become innovative leaders. More than anything, I like inspiring children to become the future’s innovative business leaders, so I spend a small part of my time teaching work shops and the like.

Future Leaders

We all see news of child entrepreneurs leading successful lives and wish that our own children would be interested in getting into business early on. You see young designers selling their Lego creations online, a young boy starting up his own DIY animal shelter, and a child creating her own gallery worthy paintings.

How to Inspire Kids to be Innovative

While children will often do what they want, you can always push them in the right direction by igniting their interests. Here is how you can inspire young children to become business leaders in innovation:

Enrol them in an after school club
After School Club ActivityThe various activities for an after school club are very stimulating and can bring out the best in a child. You can teach them to love science and technology if you want them to grow up to become inventors and programmers, or enrol them in an arts and crafts after school club to teach them creativity and patience.

Children who were enrolled in an after school club are more likely to grow up as inventive, innovative adults, because the drive for exploration and curiosity was instilled early.

Bring them to work
Bringing Kids to WorkIf your office has a “Bring your child to work” day, I suggest that you do so. Children love learning directly from their parents. Be open and invite them to help you in various tasks around the office and entertain any questions that your child may have.

I remember when my father brought me to work – he was a mail man and worked inside the post office. I was so amazed at how the mail was sorted and how everything was so organized. While I did not grow up to become another postal office worker like my father, I did learn to become organized with my work and my files over time.

Teach them to love reading
Kid Reading a BookReading, writing, and arithmetic is the foundation of innovation. If you want your children to become great business leaders in the future, teach them to love reading – they should be motivated to study and to learn for themselves, and the best way to do this is to encourage them to read.

Read to young children and get them the books that they want to read and enjoy. While you certainly can recommend books to them, it is best to allow children to discover what their own passions and interests are in the long run.

Business sense and inventiveness are all great things to have as an entrepreneur. Help your child become creative and innovative on their own, and the rest will follow. Remember that you only need to guide them, and they will surely grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Innovation in the Pet Industry

The pet care industry is a booming business that surprisingly proves itself to be recession proof. Despite lowered expenditure from consumers in other markets, the pet industry is still seeing strong retail growth, with more and more people choosing to care for their pets at home.

The pet industry collectively makes £35 billion in profit every year, due in part to the new innovations being introduced to improve pet care and health. Pet owners are simply better informed nowadays, and more and more are choosing better pet care products for their precious animal companions.


However, businesses who want to enter the pet care industry will see that there is tough competition, so creating new innovations and products are paramount to success. This years winners in pet care innovation are listed below.

Learn from them and see if your company can come up with new innovations based on what became trendy this year.

Grain-free, Organic Dog Food

dog-eating-organicIf you visit barking heads, you will see a huge array of grain-free, organic dog food that provides superior nutrition for animals while still being available in a convenient kibble form.

The dog food market tends to be dominated by just a few large pet care companies but are notorious for using cheap quality ingredients that are unhealthy for pets.

This gave rise to the success of small, independent dog food companies such as Barking Heads, which use locally sourced, cruelty free, organic ingredients that are safe enough to be consumed by humans.

Simply changing the process of sourcing and creating the dog food is an innovation that many people sought after for their beloved pets.

Single Application Tick and Flea Control Products

Ticks, fleas, and other ectoparasites are always giving pet owners a hard time. Not only is an infestation unsightly and uncomfortable for your pet, it is also dangerous for you and your pet’s health because of the diseases that these types of parasites carry.

Most flea control products will have to be applied repeatedly over several days, sometimes even everyday. However, new innovations allow for single application products – they only need to be applied once, and they will last for several months instead of just days or weeks.


Pet Supplements

SupplementsImageThe pet supplement market has become extremely lucrative business in recent years. This is because companies have now come up with new innovations that address a number of different animal nutritional problems.

Dogs with health problems for example, benefit from taking multi-vitamins. Since dogs are averse to eating pills, many companies now offer supplements in the form of dog treats or other similar avenues that will make a pet more likely to take their supplements.

When it comes to pet care, entrepreneurs are at the front lines of innovation. Now that there is a demand for better pet products, independent companies are stepping up to fill in the gaps that huge pet food conglomerates have left. All you need is a good, new product that addresses old problems.

Safety in Industrial Business Settings

Being an innovative business owner also extends to the safety of your employees. In big industrial settings such as factories and warehouses, as well as at places such as truck yards and airports, safety is especially important.

These places are considered high risk areas, so the safety of both your employees and your products need to be taken into account. Here are some general tips to keep your employees and your cargo safe.

Separate Areas According to Purpose

safety-barrier-rail-crossbar-yellow-plastic-coated-for-setting-in-concrete-incl-screws-1500-mm-01In industrial settings, it is best to segregate areas according to purpose. You will need to separate foot traffic from vehicular traffic so that you can prevent collisions and injury. You can easily separate spaces by using plastic safety barriers.

Plastic safety barriers are easy to install and lightweight enough without using up too much space, but it still adds safety for all parties involved.

The reason why barriers exist is to keep lift trucks away from people who are walking. Fork lifts can have many blind spots, especially if a big crate or pallet is being moved.

Keeping areas for vehicles separate from where people are walking are key to preventing accidents.

The reason why you will want physical plastic barriers in place rather than just painting some lines on the floor is so that human mistakes are minimized. People tend to overlook lines all the time, but plastic barriers are sure to be noticed.

Get Proper Hazard Communication

All industrial areas need a proper hazard communication system. With clanking machines and loud whirring, it will be difficult to communicate in such large spaces. Get a good PA system that can be heard at all parts of the workplace. You should also have a safety alarm in place to indicate fire or other kinds of emergency.


Your employees should be trained to identify hazards and know what to do in case something happens. Fire exits should be available, and first aid kits should be within easy reach. If possible, give all of your employees a hand held radio so that they can easily communicate with each other over short distances.

Require Safety Gear for All Employees

Businesses that specialize in manufacturing and transport should always require that their employees wear safety gear. Basic standards require steel toed safety boots, a safety vest, and a hard hat. Gloves and safety goggles are also recommended for most applications. Naturally, shirt and trousers should be standard issue.

Safety gear prevents deadly injuries such as crushed toes and head trauma.


Proper Lighting and Flooring

Along with good plastic barriers that prevent bumps and scrapes as well as collisions, proper lighting and flooring are equally important. Always make sure that work areas are properly lit, and that the floor is free of tripping hazards and drips. Slippery surfaces are dangerous, so if needed, add rubber industrial matting to prevent people from getting hurt.


A good business owner should not only focus on innovation within his company, but take note of innovations in workplace safety as well. High-tech industrial plastic barriers and brand new hard hats keep your employees and your cargo safe and sound.